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You can pre-order the last two books in the Ossard Series and next releases in the United States of Vinland Series below!  


Lae Ossard: Two Souls Grae releases June 27th 2022 and Lae Ossard: Three Fates Red launches to close the series on December 27th 2022!

But the United States of Vinland is not forgotten!

Once the Ossard Series is complete - or even before - I'll be heading full steam ahead back to the United States of Vinland!


On June 27th 2022, the same day as Lae Ossard: Two Souls Grae release, the short story A Valkyrie of Vinland: A Short Tale From Norse America will release. This short story is set between the events of USV#3 Loki's Rage and the upcoming new novel USV#4 Odin's Hall which releases on November 27 2022. Through the months from then and past New Year two more short stories and another USV novel will also launch!

Pre-order the confirmed four titles below via links to popular retailers!

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Ossard 7 NEW.jpg

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