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Ossard's Shadow (Ossard#3)


Ossard remains fallen and under Death's sway. 

The Inquisition and their holy knights, leading the largest force the Church of Baimiopia has assembled in centuries, now lays defeated and in bloody ruins. Meanwhile, the great hope of Life, Juvela, has faltered and succumbed to the divine addiction of soul feeding. 

In Ossard’s Northcountry Death’s forces are free to rampage. 

Far to the west, Sef and Anton continue in their quest to reach the one ally that might be able to help rally the scattered forces of Life, the divine mother of the angelic Dagruan, Dorloth. Yet she has her own enemies, as she is encircled and besieged by Kalraith’s monstrous gargoyle swarms. 

There, they will soon discover Death has a very long reach. 

Ossard’s Shadow follows on from the second Ossard book, Ossard’s Hope. The Ossard series, begun in The Fall of Ossard, will be concluded with Lae Ossard.

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