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The Constellation Series

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A Dystopian Tale From Our Wasted World

By Colin Taber 

One hundred years from now, the world is a different place.

Underground, safe from the haunted skies above, people work to protect their own and scrape together enough food to survive.

At ground level, people must evade violent raiders and packs of wild animals, as they watch the heavens for the new masters of our world.


And in the sky, on the highest floors of our ruined cities' last towers, people face different challenges and threats. The most dangerous are the winged horrors that came from the stars fifty years before, to bring all of man's works crashing down. There, safe from the barbarity of the streets, they try and rebuild and rise again.



Constellation: The Dying Lights is initially a short piece of introductory fiction.

Eventually, it will be a serialised tale set in a ruined world.

I will release the first part on June 1st 2024. 


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