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May 2024 Updates:

General News

Welcome to my revamped website!

I'm rejigging how I do updates, including my online availability. What I'm trying to do is create something that is easier for me to handle in a regular and reliable way. That means I'll be doing short blog updates here, as well as feeding out teasers for the United States of Vinland. I'm hoping it will work better than what I've tried in the past. We'll see...    

Going forward I will use this page for headline announcements like upcoming appearances and new releases. The blog will have more information on what I'm working on and other thoughts. Blog entries will likely be short and to the point. 

Ossard News 

The Ossard series will be finalised in 2024 and followed by a surprise fantasy release. 

USV News

USV#4: Odin's Hall should see publication by the end of 2024. There will also be several USV short stories as well as USV#5. USV#4 and USV#5 are being written back to back, with the publication of USV#5: Markland Aflame marking the end of the initial Markland Settlement storyline (or sub-series) for the USV.  

In 2024, I will relaunch the USV project with a series of short stories and collections of vignettes that will skip ahead in my alternate timeline. This will allow me to reveal the full history of this fascinating universe. My main focus is now USV.


Red, White & Blue News, Dragon Tide and More 

My near-future science fiction series, the Red, White, and Blue setting, will see new releases this year, as will Dragon Tide. I occasionally work on a number of other projects outside of USV to give me a change of scenery and keep me fresh. I will release these when they are ready, and both RWB and Dragon Tide will see releases this year, but my priority is USV and wrapping up Ossard.  




Upcoming Appearances

None Scheduled


Broadly speaking I'm taking  a break from public apperances after more than a few hectic years.


If there is an event you would like me to attend feel free to suggest my name to the organisers so that they may make an approach. I do eventually want to get back to doing some, but at the moment my focus is writing. I am no longer available for book store signings. 



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