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United States Of Vinland: Red Winter (USV#2)


Over a thousand years ago the Norse reached the Americas, but never stayed. 

What if they had? 

Following on from The United States Of Vinland: The Landing comes Red Winter. 

Eskil's dream of settling the newly discovered lands of the west to honour the Gods is under way. Godsland and Lakeland are no longer alone, as new villages grow and prosper in a world of fjords, valleys, forests and mountains, all of it claimed in the name of Odin. 

For over twenty years factional rivalries have remained, but the Hall of Wolves and the Hall of Ravens must face a challenge that comes heralded by crying war horns and a horizon stained with smoke. 

Can the young settlements survive the challenge? 

But this is not the only trial the Norse of Markland will face. Back across the sea in their peoples ancient homelands there are those who are jealous of the prosperity they see in the west. 

War is coming to Markland.

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