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Including Upcoming & Recent New Release Titles Available For Order Now!


Now Shipping September 2017


A couple of times a year, for a few days at a time, I will be offering signed books. I'm going to make them available this way in an effort to make handling them at my end more manageable. By manageable I mean that to provide signed books I need to order copies myself, sign, repack and post by myself. I don't normally hold any stocks of my titles, consequently, I'd like to focus the process into something that happens just a few times a year.


There are two postage categories, Australia and New Zealand, and The Rest Of The World. Postage to places like the US and Europe is expensive for a bulky item like a book, so the charge might seem exorbitant, but I assure you making available signed books is far more of a service to readers than it is some kind of get rich scheme for authors. As I said above, signed books will be available to order for the next few days. So, if you want one (or three), order now. 


Titles ordered (those already available and those being released on March 13th such as USV#3, Ossard#4 and White#1) will all be mailed mid-March 2017. Signed copies of the USV novella, HUNTED, written by L. E. Sheppard can be ordered now but will mail late June 2017.

If you've always wanted to show your appreciation to the author, order a copy or a complete set now!




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