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Getting Ready For The USV Relaunch

The United States of Vinland setting is being relaunched! There are some key parts to this. One is closing out the Markland Settlement Saga with USV#4 Odin's Hall and USV#5 Markland Aflame, which wraps up the first 40 years of Norse settlement history in my alternate history. This then opens the way for us to charge through 1000 years of reimagined history!

While there will eventually be more novels, initially, I will detail the history step by step on a weekly basis on Patreon. It will be a steady start for Patreon, where I cover some of the most important points of the above-mentioned Markland Settlement Saga first. From August 2024, we will have moved into the timeline that falls in USV#4 and USV#5, and then by October 2024, we will start the sprint and move well beyond settlement into the Norse expansion of what will become Norse America. I'm really excited to show you some of the stuff I've been working on!

Patreon, for those who don't know, is a website where supporters of creators can subscribe to that creator so they can read, view or listen to their content. Some of my articles will be free, while some will be paid. The best part of the service is that most of the subscription fee goes to the creator, enabling them to spend more time creating. I have listed several tiers of subscription to start off with. All will cover the weekly article listings as we go through the timeline and costs will start at a few bucks a month. Others will include extra content, such as companion articles and posts that explain my planning, research, decision making and creative process for USV and writing in general. This is for people really interested in what is going on creatively for me with this whole project. Another more exclusive tier will be limited in number and provide the ability to get a bit more involved (if you want to) or simply to show your support.

If you don't want to sign up for another website (I understand) or pay for a subscription to my posts (I understand this, too), please know that some posts will be public (free) on Patreon or stripped-down to briefer versions and will appear on my blog here and in social media posts soon after their listing on Patreon, but not all. Eventually, the Patreon posts will be revised and compiled into ebooks and paperbacks for publication.

Personally, as an existing subscriber to other creators on Patreon, the few bucks a month it costs me is fine, especially as it gives me early access to content from people I'm interested in. Plus, and quite often, this is more important, I get an email notification telling me there is new stuff to read or look at. That means I don't have to go hunting for new stuff or even try and remember to go hunting! Best of all, I'm actively supporting them!

What does all this mean in the grand scheme of things?

It means new USV material will appear first on Patreon for subscribers. Some of these articles will then be shared as briefer versions on my blog and social media, too (but not all). Eventually, a good while later, most of the Patreon content will be published in ebooks, paperbacks, and possibly hardbacks and audiobooks. If you want to see what happens in USV, get on board!


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