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Welcome to Dragon Tide!

As some of you know, many years ago, I published a very short piece called Dragon Tide: The Rising. I talked about it in a blog entry just a few weeks ago. Today, that short piece can properly take its place not as a standalone but as a prelude because today, Dragon Tide: A Storm's Roar goes live. This is the first instalment after the initial piece and launches a monthly serial. Dragon Tide: A Storm's Roar is now available as an ebook at all major online retailers. Dragon Tide: A Storm's Roar is about 6,500 words or 26 pages of high fantasy set three hundred years after the start of the tale. The next instalment will go live next month, on August 1. It has already been written, edited, and uploaded. Not long after, as the first of these instalments appear, I'll also be putting out USV tasters (with meatier serves on Patreon) as we race through one thousand years of reimagined history. Those serves will, a little later on, be published as their own instalments as ebooks and paperbacks. I hope you accept this invitation to join me and enjoy the various journeys we're about to embark upon!


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