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USV Factions: The Bears

Welcome to the third and final of three blogs over the past few weeks that seek to explain the roots and evolved traits of the three major Norse American factions in my United States of Vinland setting.

The Bears is the one major faction that can claim it was born more than any other of Norse America, a people most obviously woven from the many cultures and stories of the New World. The Bears are like a great and complex tapestry, as expansive and varied as the vast continent itself.

Founded by many but shaped in particular by Seta in the Bears' early years, this is a faction of moderation, especially between the great adversaries of Raven and Wolf. The Bears were born mostly of escaped thralls from Lakeland. While many of them were Valefolk, like Seta, the majority of them were of mixed heritage. They still honour their Norse roots and faith, even if the way they interpret it is sometimes unrecognisable to the other factions, especially to the more conservative Wolves.

The Bears joined the expansion beyond Markland but took the most challenging road. Still, led by Seta, they were determined to strike out on their own and establish themselves away from the arguments of Raven and Wolf.

The Bears Traits

The Bears were scarred by great tragedy at their foundation and again in later years along the White Road. This has led to a culture of introspection and great wariness. The Bears are a force that moves after careful consideration. They only move fast in the face of obvious danger. When rialed, they are fierce. The Bears are also wanderers. They may have their settlements, but they are explorers.

While the Bears usually mark themselves in a variety of colours, they are focused on black and white. Sometimes, for some internal factions and at various geographical locations, other colours such as green, grey and brown may also be present in their banners.


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