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New Dragon Tide

Years ago, I released a (very) short fiction piece inspired by a photo sent to me by a reader and her friends. Ever since, I've been tempted to return to the world I wrote about for the first time way back in 2018. And now, on a monthly basis, I will explore that world and storyline in a short fiction serial format.

Welcome back to Dragon Tide! Starting in July, a new set of chapters compiled into one release will go live in ebook stores on the first of each month. The original short piece, Dragon Tide: The Rising, as inspired by the picture sent from Jac Chandler and her friends Gemma and Debbie.

Dragon Tide: The Rising is 1500 words or about 6 pages and is priced at just under a buck. The next instalments will be between 6,000-10,000 words or 24-42 pages. The instalments will be priced at US$2.99. The first three instalments after the original short are done. As short pieces, it gives me an outlet when I finish larger bodies of work. Eventually, I'll probably compile them all into a novel or series of books depending on how far I run with them.

The original (prelude) and the first two titles (with current order and pre-order links) are listed below.

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