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United State of Vinland: A Brand New Day

From July, every week, I will share short snippets that take us along the USV timeline. These snippets will offer glimpses of critical moments in my alternate history of Viking settlement in Norse America, including pieces on locations, heroes and villains. These snippets will appear here, on Patreon, and social media.

Why am I going to do it this way? Good question!

Well, it's pretty easy to answer. The main reason is I want to get the timeline out there.

What I will be releasing will mostly be short, often lifted from longer pieces on Patreon. The Patreon pieces are lifted from longer ebooks that will begin releasing later this year. So, if you want to see what 1000 years of rewritten history looks like, please check in here every week from July. The first samples will cover the beginning of the first At Fara, the deaths of some major known characters, and the spread of the Raven's south and the Wolves' southwest. Soon enough, the initial expansion will mean not just exploration and new discoveries but new rivals and more. There will also be many surprises along the way! More details will be published here in the coming weeks before we launch the USV updates in July.


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